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13th October 2011

Please see here and here.


20th April 2008

Here because you're wondering what happened to Go here.

Ginnungagap Restored!

18th September 2007

And the people, they celebrated!

Wasted time.

30th June 2007

In response to this rubbish.

Prelude: What is and what should never be - Led Zeppelin
Theme Song: Silent Edge - Masashi Hamauzu
Waking Up: Pretty Good Year - Tori Amos
Average Day: Fuglen - deLillos
Nightfall: San Ber'dino - Frank Zappa
City/Town Theme: Battle, Scene II - The Black Mages
Repetitive song that is in a place where you’ll be spending for hours: The Battle of Evermore - Led Zeppelin
Background Theme: For Emily, whenever I may find her - Simon and Garfunkel
Party Theme: Hjernen er alene - deLillos
Transportation Theme: Ruby through the Looking Glass - Tori Amos
A Moment of Comic Relief: Liquid Diamonds - Tori Amos
Plot Time!: The seething rain weeps for you - Mew
A Moment of Happiness: I ain't got no heart - Frank Zappa
Romantic background music: Brød - deLillos
Lover Scene: Tikk takk - deLillos
Mental Breakdown: Awakening - Masashi Hamauzu
Plot Twist!: The 59th Street Bridge Song - Simon and Garfunkel
A Moment Of Contemplation Before Boss Battle: Song for the Asking - Simon and Garfunkel
Random Battle: Subterranean Homesick Alien - Radiohead
Boss Battle: Mom and Dad - Frank Zappa
Final Battle: Cornflake Girl - Tori Amos
Victory Theme: Staci Stasis - Zombina and the Skeletones
A Moment of Loneliness: Wizards and Warriors, Intro - The Advantage
Flashback: The New Orleans Incident - Zombina and the Skeletones
Regret: Matoya's Cave - The Black Mages
Obligatory Dramatic Death Scene: Forgotten Tears - Masashi Hamauzu
Ending Song: Tombigbee - Tori Amos
Game Over: America - Simon and Garfunkel

Wasted time indeed.

Rewritten and moved to Mimisbrunnr! Hurrah!

26th June 2007

I'm finally done rewriting this damned page. It still doesn't work perfectly in IE7, but sod IE7, it works in Firefox, Opera, Safari, Konqueror and somewhat in IE6! And in any case, if you do use IE7 or 6, you should do yourself a favour and download Firefox or Opera. I can now finally format Ginnungagap and replace Ubuntu with Debian Etch!

Let us rejoice! \^_^/